Learning Powers

At Southsea Infant School we now have a set of Learning Powers which we use to develop some of the skills that children need to become life- long learners.

Building Learning Powers (BLP), based on research by Guy Claxton, helps schools to promote learning to learn. Teachers have used BLP in thousands of schools where it has had many positive impacts.
Our Learning Powers are used to help the children begin to understand their role in becoming life-long learners and also to develop their personal social skills. It also allows the children to take ownership of their learning which can lead to increased motivation and enthusiasm.
These Learning Powers can be applied to all aspects of learning both in and out of school.

Our Learning Powers:

We teach children not to give up even when they find things hard. By doing this they build resilience so that they have strategies to cope when they make mistakes or things don’t go to plan.

We believe that thinking is the key to all learning. Through thinking, children develop enquiring minds which can help them when faced with problem solving and decision making. It also enables them to question and evaluate their learning, think about what they are doing and how it might affect others.

Through collaboration, children are given opportunities to learn from each other and communicate effectively. It also allows children to appreciate and reflect on their own and others needs and viewpoints.

By developing a child’s imaginative and creative skills they become a rounded person. We encourage children to develop their individuality and have the confidence to generate and express their own ideas. They also need to be able to ‘think outside the box’.

When children learn to be independent, they are able to take control of their own future. We encourage independence so that they are able to make decisions and take responsibility for their success.

We believe that by being curious, children are able to appreciate the world around them. Children need to be given opportunities to find things out and to explore and question things.

Click HERE to download the Parents' Learning Powers Leaflet.