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The PTFA is a voluntary group of Parents, Teachers and Friends who aim to raise funds for the School to provide additional facilities and experiences for the children. We do this by organising a Winter Fair, Summer Fair and other events throughout the academic year. We also aim to help build the school community through social events such as Children’s Discos and Film Nights. The funds raised are used to buy sports and playground equipment, classroom resources and to support visits by authors, artists, music and theatre groups.



We are always looking for help in organising and running events, even the odd hour or two helping out over the year makes a huge difference and is greatly appreciated. If you would like to help or keep up to date with the latest events, or you would like to share your ideas please join the closed Facebook group called ‘Southsea Infants PTFA Volunteers or email the Chair at the address below.



Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings and social evenings which will be advertised throughout the year. Please keep a look out for our newsletters and flyers in the bookbags which will give you all the information about our events.


We look forward to meeting you at future events and we thank you for your continued support.




Chair: Katie Rawlinson


Main Duties: Prepare and lead meetings, prepare introductions for any

new members, delegate tasks to volunteers, ensure the PTFA follows

the rules required as a charity, write the annual report.



Secretary: Stephanie Russell


Main Duties: Invite staff, committee members, and parents to

meetings, take meeting minutes and distribute, send out letters

regarding events and dates.



Treasurer: Gemma King


Main Duties: Keep up to date and accurate finance records,

manage the PTFA bank account, make approved payments,

prepare the annual treasurer's report.



Vicky Bosworth – Deputy Head and School liaison