Your Child’s Learning Week in Year 2

Week Beginning:  29.10.18

This week your child will be learning about:


Mrs Morgan’s set: Story writing

Miss Bosworth’s set: Subordination when, because, that, if


Mrs Morgan’s set: adding the suffix ‘er’

Miss Bosworth set: ‘Irregular verbs’ for the past tense


Mrs Morgan’s set: Subtraction

Miss Bosworth set: addition and subtraction problem solving


History: Placing events in chronological order.

Computing: Using word processing to communicate.

P.E:  Moving and balancing.

Music: Sorting instruments according to sound.

Handwriting: Letter formation.

Science: Science investigation

PSHE: Firework safety


Maths Challenge: Can you tell the time to the nearest hour, half an hour or quarter of an hour? What time do you go to bed? What time do you leave for school? How long does it take you to get to school?


Home Learning: Can you find where the U.K is on a world map? Where is Portsmouth? Where is London?  


Have a happy half-term holiday! Don’t forget Monday 29th October is an INSET day!!