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Southsea Infant School

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Ofsted Report

At our last Ofsted Inspection the School was rated as "Good".


Below are the Key Findings from the Report:


This school continues to be good.

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You have created an inclusive environment, underpinned by your motto, ‘we all matter’. You know the individual pupils in your care well. Many parents are supportive of the school. They described Southsea Infants as a ‘community-minded school’ with a ‘village feel’ and ‘smiling teachers’.

Pupils love their school and the many friends they have. They say that their teachers are kind and fair, and that ‘they make us feel brainy’. Pupils enjoy many aspects of school life like playtimes, swimming and the wide range of after-school clubs, such as dancing and tennis. They say that they get to do lots of fun things at Southsea Infant School. Pupils work well together and persevere in their learning tasks. For example, in a Year 1 mathematics lesson, pupils were solving a problem involving addition and subtraction. They were actively discussing their different methods, supporting each other well.

Your resource base for pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties is an important part of the school. The strong, inclusive practice that permeates the school benefits all pupils. Pupils understand diversity and that some of their friends have differing needs.

The previous inspection report highlighted several strengths, including high attainment, good behavior, and clear and ambitious leadership. You have maintained these strengths. In Year 2, in 2017, the proportions of pupils who attained the expected standards and greater depth in reading and writing were above those seen nationally. In addition, the proportion of pupils who met the expected standard in mathematics was above the national average. However, you are not complacent and strive for pupils’ reasoning skills in mathematics to be more secure.


You and your leaders’ sharp and evaluative monitoring ensures an accurate view of the strengths and areas for development. You recognize that not all pupils present their work neatly and legibly. We also agreed that improving the range of engaging activities to support learning and development of the children in early years should now be a key priority. In addition, you acknowledge that the evaluation of the impact of the pupil premium funding could be sharper.


Safeguarding is effective.

You and the school’s leaders and governors fulfil your statutory safeguarding duties well. Procedures and processes are understood and followed by staff to ensure that pupils are safe. Any necessary actions are completed without delay and are followed up in an efficient manner. Pre-employment checks demonstrate leaders’ thorough action in ensuring the suitability of all staff and volunteers to work in school. Safeguarding training is regular.

Pupils say that they feel safe in school. They know who to speak to if they have any worries. Pupils have a good understanding of how to keep themselves safe in a range of situations such as when online and when visiting the beach.

Most pupils attend school regularly. Leaders closely track the attendance of individuals whose absence is a concern. They work with families effectively to reduce this absence. Earlier this year, you received a letter from Portsmouth City Council congratulating the school on diminishing persistent absence.



You can read the full report by clicking HERE

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